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Slowfloat 2011

The SlowFloat 2011 menu  above has additional information about this event, including updated contact, rental, and travel information.

Date:          Saturday, August 6th, 2011
Location:   Narrowsburg, New York
Time:          10 am to 10 pm

SlowFloat is a day of activity combining art, outdoor recreation, music, local food and discussions about our water and food sheds.

Participants gather on the Delaware River, meeting up in Milanville, PA for refreshments provided by Damascus Citizens before floating down into Narrowsburg as a group.  During the journey, participants will enjoy and interact with music and art installations along the banks of the river including: sound installation Waves by Tara Rogers; Watermarks by Travis Johns; Non\Phenomena by Margaret Noble; performances of Ascension Songs by Matt Marble; excerpts of Xmalia by Ryder Cooley and more.

Organizations participating: Mildred’s Lane, Electronic Music Foundation, EcoArtSpace, Habitat for Artists, Skydog Projects, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, Not-an-Alternative, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Siobah Dance Troupe.

Food artists and producers: Hilary Baum of Baum Forum, the Anthill Farm, Willow Wisp Farm, Lucky Dog Farm, Heirloom Acres, & SkyDog Farm

SlowFloat is open to everyone and creative involvement is encouraged.  We have arranged for raft, tube or kayak rentals through Landers River Trips and other local vendors, and there are several options for camping or staying overnight. Visit the Rental page under the SlowFloat mentu on this site for more information.

The SlowFloat 2011 menu has additional information about this event.