Contact Information

This event is also on Facebook.

Lander’s River Trips 1-800-252-3925

For for information, please call 845-252-3518 or email Andrea Reynosa, or Kevin Vertrees,  .


2 responses to “Contact Information

  1. hi there,

    can we join you just for dinner? it says potluck and also 10 dollar donation (is that for the music? i assume so. so we need to bring a dish to share correct? just want to get a few more details about the evening meal.


    • Hello Cheryl,

      You can definitely just join us just for the potluck! The supper club is something that we’ve been hosting the first Saturday of the month, and we’re tying it into the SlowFloat event so that we get a nice interaction between the various participants and the local community. The donation is only a suggestion, which will help us cover some of the artists costs, as many will be coming up from the city. Most of the music installations will be on the river itself, but bringing food will help us ensure that we have enough to provide for everyone.

      Let me know if you have any more questions,

      Kevin 845-252-3518

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