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SnowFlow 2011

Important! Reservations are required for SnowFlow accommodations and the Saturday dinner.  Email or contact the Full Moon Resort @ (845) 254-5117 to make your reservation today!  For those attending the evening musical performance, no registration is required.

For those skiing at Belleayre, we have been able to get $20 lift tickets!   Will be meeting in the Discovery Lodge at 9:30am to purchase the tickets as a group @ 10 am.

SnowFlow is a collaborative event between several organizations interested in creativity, sustainability and organizational awareness.  Our shared concerns regarding environmental issues and the increasing frequency of global catastrophes have focused our efforts into establishing ongoing collaborative projects that raise public awareness and bring together artists, activists, naturalists and concerned citizens into settings that inform, support and energize participants into making a difference.

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SnowFlow will be held the weekend of February 11-13, 2011 at the Full Moon Resort.  Located within the Catskill State Park and Forest Preserve, this region serves as both the main contributor to the New York City watershed and as the headwaters to the Delaware River, recently declared the “Nation’s Most Endangered River.”  The main initiative for SnowFlow is to bridge water rightsactivism between the Hudson and Delaware Valleys in relation to naturalgas extraction, hydraulic fracturing, peak water and the foodshed.

The weekend events will combine outdoor activities, art, music and lively conversations to produce and document a variety of works focused on water in it most crystallized form – Snow! During the day, SnowFlowers will cascade down the slopes of nearby Belleayre Mountain and engage in parallel artistic interventions and snow shelter building competitions. The festivities will continue into the evening with a cocktail reception, a regional Catskill foodshed specialties dinner; interviews by Sabrina Artell/Trailer Talk; Dialogue Box Conversations with Nadia Steinzor of EARTHWORKS Oil & Gas Accountability Project, Pat Carullo of Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, and Wes Gillingham of Catskill Mountainkeeper addressing Peak Water & Regional Foodshed issues as related to Hydrofracking, and musical performances curated by Suzanne Thorpe and featuring Pauline Olivero, Miguel Frasconi andTianna Kennedy & Hannah Marcus.

For further information,  e-mail or contact the Full Moon Resort @ (845) 254-5117


FlowSlow 2010

Flow Slow is a annual river conference of citizens, artists, writers, technologists &  naturalists in celebration of pure water.  Taking part in the Upper Delaware River, which was recently declared the nation’s most endangered river by American Rivers, the first event was held on Saturday, September 18th 2010 and combined music, art and ongoing conversations during a public float down the river.  Organizations involved included: SkyDog Projects, Issue/Project Room, Electronic Music Foundation, Mildred’s Lane, Not An Alternative, and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability.